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If your organisation uses IP67 or IP68 rated radios in or near salt water then you need to care for them. We have developed a radio wash and washing process that neutralises the salt and leaves your radio with a coating to prevent corrosion.
Simply mix up a 1:30 mix of our Salt X Radio Wash in a container large enough to fit your radio in. A good size container is a large lunch box. Mix four cap fulls with two litres of fresh water.
Then each time you are in or near salt water give the radio a good wash in the JET Wash solution, shake off excess, towel dry and then charge.
No more corrosion under the battery. It cleans and protects under the volume and channel change knobs.
At Jet Rescue we have a 20 litre container of the 1:30 solution and we wash our Comms helmets, Harnesses, Rescue Knives and Radios in it after rescues, training simulations and other operational use.
One litre costs $27 Inc GST and makes up thirty litres of Jet Wash and this will save you thousands of dollars preventing corrosive salt damage to your portable radios.
Note: This proceedure is only for radios with a rating of IP67 or IP68

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