AM2 Salt X Automatic Injector Bowl


AM2 Salt X Automatic Injector Bowl is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.

Salt X: SX50 is safe to use in your engines raw water cooling system and will not harm the environment. Laboratory and field tested Salt-X SX50 is proven to remove harmful salt deposits effectively and leaves a non oily sacrificial wax on the surface to protect your cooling system between uses.
Cooling System: During normal operation of your marine engine salt deposits buildup. If these deposits are not removed the engines ability to run at the right temperature is afected and over time can damage your engine. This is caused by reduced water flow and ineffective heat exchange. Salt-X will not harm impellors, gaskets or seals.
Corrosion: We all know how corrosive salt is and how quickly it can damage metal surfaces. Your engine cooling system is no different. Salt left in cooling galleries will eventually attack surfaces and corrode the thin gallery walls causing malor damage and high repair costs.