Hytera Series 6 Radios :: 1WZ Single Wire Airtube Headset

$69.00 $142.00

The model 1WZ is an air tube transducer speaker benefiting from our unique air tube quick change mechanism. It has an inline push to talk and microphone. With our unique air tube quick change mechanism, and the personal issue of our 11PK2 air tube to multiple users this one accessory can be used by multiple operators. Health and hygiene issues associated with sharing an accessory become a thing of the past. This accessory is available as a hardwired accessory connected to the radio or it can be supplied with our plug and play connectors. Our plug and play format allows one accessory to connect to many different radios.

Speaker: 20ohm, 95dB @ 1KHz, 100Hz to 3,000Hz

Microphone: 2.2Kohm -54dB @ 1KHz, 50Hz to 16,000Hz

Cable Type: PU 2.5mm, 6 Core