MRNSW Rescue Sled


*Price includes the $132 Inc GST Attachment Kit

The Jet Rescue MRNSW Sled was produced in conjunction with MRNSW.

Made from unique Blue and Yellow closed cell foams, and incorporating a soft deck pad and hard skin bottom, the Jet Rescue MRNSW Sled has the capabilities of being a strong and extremely safe sled.   All our foam is heat laminated to avoid delaminating and is fully treated for the harsh beach conditions it will endure. Now fitted with our New Sled Nose Cone the Jet Rescue 'Newks' SLSA Sled becomes a hard working, valuable piece of rescue equipment.

The Jet Rescue MRNSW Sled has 10 handles, with 8 of these being along the sides of the sled and 2 across the nose section.   Therefore the Jet Rescue MRNSW Sled exceeds requirements set by Australian and Hawaiian Rescue Sled Standards.

The Jet Rescue MRNSW Sled will fit all makes and models of RWC.

The Jet Rescue MRNSW Sled is fully endorsed by MRNSW. 

We currently supply equipment to the following Organizations as well as Victorian Police, Queensland Police, New South Wales Police, Hawaiian Water Patrollers, Volunteer Marine Rescue Services, Surfing Australia, Royal National Lifeboat Association, Japan Professional Rescue Organization, Japan Lifesaving Association, Surf Life Saving New Zealand and various other surfing and surf rescue users around the world.

While other manufacturers will push their craft through expensive advertising campaigns, we place the lion's share back into the development of quality lifesaving products therefore you will not see us advertising in those expensive magazines but you will however notice the quality in the products we supply.

As all of our staff at Jet Rescue are involved in Public Safety and Lifesaving activities, we have personally experienced the advantages of the equipment we manufacture and therefore aim to keep our prices as low as possible to maximize the availability of our cost effective and robust public safety solutions.

The Jet Rescue MRNSW Sled is made from 100% polyethylene foams. Therefore we do not cross link products that are not compatible with each other. This in turn eliminates delamination.

  • All the Foams used in our sleds are heat laminated, not glued, therefore eliminating delamination
  • Our sleds come with a comfortable soft deck pad and a hardened slick skin on the bottom.¬†¬†¬†This provides both comfort, strength and stability on the craft.
  • All sleds are provided with a heavy duty nose cone to avoid wear and tear on both the sled and the craft.¬†¬†
  • Our handles are made from rot resistant 12 ply rope that is encased in 3mm thick plastic to provide long life and easy grab points for the users.
  • The handles pass right through the sled eliminating sharp edges on the ends of the grab handles from cut plastic hose and bolts or fittings.
  • Sleds use a 3 point mounting system
  • The sleds have no hard or sharp fittings protruding from them that could be dangerous to users
  • All¬†Jet Rescue Sleds¬†will fit all makes and models of PWC.
  • All¬†Jet Rescue Sleds are 100% Australian made and owned. ¬†

DIMENSIONS: Jet Rescue MRNSW Sled 1500mm x 900mm x 90mm   Weight 12 kg