Odour Buster Concentrate


Use ODOUR BUSTER on garbage bins, dumpster areas, toilet facilities, bait and fish boxes, refrigerators, eskies, smelly shoes, cat litter trays, dog kennels, horse stables, animal transport trailers, pig and chicken houses etc, anywhere there is an organic odour. Simply spray diluted ODOUR BUSTER on the surface, let set for 5 minutes, scrub if necessary and then rinse with clear water. Alternatively, clean first then rinse with diluted ODOUR BUSTER, and let air-dry!

Use ODOUR BUSTER to eliminate the odours of human and animal faeces, urine, garbage, blood, fish smells, etc. Anywhere organic odours are a problem ODOUR BUSTER will fix it!

It is easy to use; the ratio is 16 to 1. A pressure pack garden spay is ideal to use on walls, around toilet seats, urinals, and hard to get at places. Spraying around your pet’s sleeping area and favourite tree is also easy! Mopping restroom floors, using as a spot cleaner on carpets where the tom cat has left his calling card is also easy.

The list of uses is endless:  childcare centres, nursing homes, domestic carpet cleaners, dog kennels, catteries, bird aviaries, mice races, chicken coops, guinea pig farms, fishing bait boxes and eskies, refrigeration trucks, etc. Use it on your kids smelly shoes, where little boys miss the target, hot tubs, jacuzzi’s, nappy buckets, litter boxes, etc.



•  Odourless
•  Environmentally Safe
•  No Sickly Perfumes
•  One Step Process
•  Easy to Use
•  Results in 5 Minutes
•  Safe for Most Surfaces
•  Unbelievable Results
•  As Used by the Military


•  Bait Boxes / Esky's / Fridges
•  Carpets / Decks / Garbage
•  Cigarettes
•  Clothing / Footwear
•  Vehicles
•  Animal Waste / Urine

ODOUR BUSTER is a unique product that actually kills the bacteria that makes the smell, not just a perfume to cover up any unpleasant odour.