Radio Service




Our AutoTune™ option performs all recommended factory test and alignment procedures for every major radio manufacturer in a fraction of the time needed to perform them manually. Just select your radio model and connect as shown on the unit, choose the tests and alignments you wish to perform, then enter your operator ID and press the “start button.”


· Test time reduced by over 80%
· Consistent manufacturer specified alignments among radios
· Accurate and repeatable test results
· Comprehensive test reports show before & after readings, time, date and operator identification
· Pass/Fail indicators flag radio defects
· Little or no technical expertise required
· Results are stored on the unit and can be exported to a USB drive for analysis with PC spreadsheet software

AutoTune Setup Diagram

AutoTune Status Screen

AutoTune Test Report

The test set automatically reads key radio information such as model number and serial number, and makes the measurements and alignments needed to bring the radio within factory specifications. Within minutes you have a complete record of your test session stored on the unit in comma delimited form for quick and easy recall. Over time you will build a complete test history for every radio -ideal for large fleets with formal Preventative Maintenance programs. Test reports can be conveniently viewed on the unit or exported for further analysis using spreadsheets and other data manipulation programs.